Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We're new to this - but here's what's happening at the Ranch!

Well here it is near the end of the November and it's finally looking a bit like winter here at the ranch. Beautiful Blue Bird sky day... boy it sure reminds us why we all love this place!  We all filled our tummies full of wonderful Turkey and had a great time enjoying time with our families or our "Montana Families" and now it's time to get to work getting ready for the winter season. 

Marce has been checking on the herd up in winter pasture, they are fairing well so far this winter with Belgrade getting just some snow that has melted off. Winter pasture is always a double edged sword for us; we love giving some of our hardest working employees time off to roam and play and be horses - but they are so far away from us and we certainly do miss them. They all have such personalities and we love seeing them on a daily basis - but this is better for them and lets them all get good rest for next summer and the over 3,000 happy guests that they get to take out on our amazing trails. 

And we shouldn't be so glum, soon some of our favorite gentle giants will return to get ready for our sleigh rides, we can't wait to see Ace & Joe, Tim & Jim, Marty & Andrea, and Magic & Darla. Maybe even the old timer Mike will come and give us a visit. During the winter weeks we will do a little "meet our teams" blogs for you so you can get to know these guys & gals that work so hard to make our sleigh rides just perfect! They are all such gentle souls - we can't wait for you to meet them. 

We have been doing some work around the ranch, making improvements for the upcoming seasons. Today we have carpet installers in putting in new carpet in our dining room and banquet hall, we also have some roofing contractors here putting in some much needed heat tape in some valleys that keep getting ice built up. Marce and Austin (our newest wrangler) are refinishing one of our sleighs so it will look shiny and new. We also have ordered new window shades for our guest rooms to try out and if we like them all the cabins will have them before the summer season. We also have been working to replace some of the kitchenette units that are getting older with new cabinets and appliances rather than the old metal one-piece units. 

Chef Martin has the winter menu nearly finalized and we can't wait to dig into that on December 14th when the dining room fires back up for the winter season. If you haven't checked it out be sure you do... but more on that another day... 

Until then - happy trails! 


  1. We are coming in 2 weeks! Prepare the pulled pork....

  2. Katy - We don't have pulled pork in the winter.... although I think that there is some pork items on the dining room menu. :)